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Bonga and his Bug-Like Friends


Traditional clockworktoys are making a comeback, heralded by US- and Dutch- based firmKikkerland's range of wind-up insects.

By James Tweedie

Kikkerland makesinnovative household gadgets along the lines of Sweden's IKEA. ButBrazilian husband-and-wife designers and environmentalists ChicoBicalho and Isabella Torquato have created a family of battery-freeclockwork bugs for the firm.

Chico was born in Rio deJaneiro. He went to a school where the football field was grown withtrees, because the philosophy of the school was against cutting themdown.

He later moved to thetown of Petropolis, deep within the South Atlantic tropicalrainforest. He now lives with his wife Isabella in Rio de Janeiro.

Chico says that believesin leading a spiritual life in freedom and in peace. He believes thatthe Earth is a single living organism and that humans should"understand nature, live with nature, and be equal to nature."

Since 1995 he has beenworking with a group of friends on reforestation projects replantingnative South Atlantic tropical rain forest trees.

With names like Bongo,Cranky and Skidum, these innovative and educational miniaturelow-tech robots toys walk, crawl, roull, bounce or vibrate around theroom on spindly wire legs.

Bonga himself resembles asilvery metal fish with four pairs of rotating legs - and indeed heis meant to represent the moment in evolution when the firstamphibious ancestor of all reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals andourselves dragged itself up out of the wtaer.

The toys are inspired byBrazilian folklore and the creatures of the Amazon rainforest. Theyare are reminiscent of the children's gifts hand-made from drink cansand other scrap by craftsmen in shanty-towns all over the world.

Isabella's contributionis a series of more polished-looking but far simpler plastic insecttoys, each with four wire legs and a rubber suction cup under theirbody. Simply press them down onto a smooth, clean surface until thesuction cup on the bottom attaches, wait a few seconds, and, as thesuction cup releases, they jump in the air.

Perhaps the best thingabout this range of simple, charming, old-fashioned toys and childrens gift hampers is theirold-fashioned price tags - all around £10.

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