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Ronald McDonald Faces Law Suit Over Free Gifts


Healthyeating campaigners in the US have begun legal action against fastfood chain McDonald's over its use of toys to promote children'smeals.

By James Tweedie

TheWashington-based Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)served the burge giant with a notice of intent to sue on Tuesday June22.

Thecampaigning group accused the firm of exploiting pester power tomarket unhealthy food to young children by offering free plastic toys with its Happy Meals kids menu.

CSPIlitigation director Stephen Gardner said: "McDonald's is thestranger in the playground handing out candy to children.

"McDonald'suse of toys undercuts parental authority and exploits youngchildren's developmental immaturity - all this to induce childrento prefer foods that may harm their health. It's a creepy andpredatory practice that warrants an injunction."

Thefirm is currently offering toys related to the latest DisneyDreamworks Shrek sequel.

McDonald'spledged in 2007 not to advertise meals to children which have morethan 600 calories and no more than certain percentages of fat andsugar.

WhileShrek images only appear on cartons of low-fat milk and the AppleDippers desert, CSPI pointed out that the toys are included with allHappy Meals, regardless of their nutritional content.

Accordingto the campaign, all of the 24 possible Happy Meal combinationscontain more that 430 calories - one-third of the 1,300-calorierecommended daily intake for children 4 to 8 years old.

Theycalculated that a Happy Meal of a cheeseburger, fries, and a fizzydrink contains half the recommended daily allowance of calories andsaturated fat (640 kcal and 7 grams respectively), some 940milligrams of sodium, and about two days' worth of sugar (35grams).

CSPIexecutive director Michael F. Jacobson said: "Regardless of thenutritional quality of what's being sold, the practice of temptingkids with toys is inherently deceptive.

"I'msure that industry's defenders will blame parents for not saying‘no' to their children. Parents do bear much of theresponsibility, but multi-billion-dollar corporations make parents'job nearly impossible by giving away toys and bombarding kids withslick advertising."

AmericanUniversity communication professor Kathryn Montgomery, who hasstudied the media's effect on children said:"We know fromscientific research that young children - and even older ones -do not have the ability to understand how marketing has been designedto influence them.

"Inthe era of digital marketing, these vulnerabilities are magnifiedeven further. McDonald's use of these techniques raises troublingquestions, for health professionals, parents, and policy makers."

InMay, the Board of Supervisors in California's Santa Clara Countypassed an ordinance preventing McDonald's and other restaurantsfrom including toys or other child-oriented incentives with thepurchase of unhealthy meals.

A2008 report by the US Federal Trade Commission found that foodcompanies spend more than $350 million on free toy gifts each year.

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