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Non-Toxic Toys


Parents are rightly concerned with the safety of their children's toys. Toys are recalled everyday due to lead, arsenic, PVC, and other heavy metal content. There has been an increasing concern in the safety of toys made in other countries because safety standards can be low, or hard to monitor on toys coming from outside of the U.S.

Recent legislation has put new standards and testing requirements on toy makers that should help the situation. Toy makers must adhere to the testing standards and cannot sell toys that contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals. All toys must go through testing before they can be sold. However, a lot of the companies that already produce environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic toys will be negatively affected by the legislation because they can't afford the testing to prove that they're safe products are actually safe.

It's a double edged sword. As parents, we want our children's toys tested and guaranteed safe. However, we don't want to shut down these small businesses that are actually doing a lot of good in the community. Handmade toys and clothes generate a lot of income for families throughout the U.S. However, as the legislation stands, they will not be allowed to sell anything unless they go through a third-party testing facility, which charges hundreds or even thousands of dollars per toy for testing.

Many people are writing to Congress asking that the rules be modified to keep handmade toys and children's products on the market. Hopefully an agreement can be met that satisfies parent's needs for safety in their children's products and makes safety standards attainable for small businesses.

In the meantime, you may consider making some of your own handmade toys. It is fun and rewarding to craft your own toys, and it's something that you can involve your children in. You can teach them about the value of working hard to make something of exceptional value. Talk about how toys that are handmade are special, because every one is unique. Handmade toys can be heirloomed and cherished for generations.

Wood products for building toys can be found online through wood manufacturing companies. You can make your own blocks, cars, games and more. Some companies offer finishing services and use a toxin-free, heavy metal-free finish, putting your worries ate ease.

Shopping for wood parts to build toys can be exciting and inspiring. You may be surprised what you find and decide to give it a try. Wood manufacturers that sell toy parts will often offer custom services. They can carve specialty pieces, add hardware, and even boy toys for you to give as gifts.

You and your child can use your imagination and build things together. You may want to start with an assortment of wood toy parts, like balls, dowels, buttons, and blocks. You can use a dowel to create axels on trucks, wagons and more. Buttons and knobs can help you decorate. Custom game pieces can help you to create family fun that will be treasured for generations. Keep your family safe and experience the joy of creating your own wooden toys together.

About the Author: Dave Murphy is the founder and president of Good Wood, Inc. which manufactures wood products in Ohio. Good Wood, Inc. makes dowels and dowel rods, all types of wood components, custom wood parts, and more. They offer safe wood finishing, wood turning, and a plethora of wood parts needs. Visit for your wood product needs.

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