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"A great service fast and efficient, items arrived well packaged.  Would use again."
C Litchfield 

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"It arrived on time, in perfect condition and is a great toy! Thanks very much" 
Emma Murphy.

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We are currently open for business, however, we have taken the decision not to send baby gifts at this time. Given that our gifts will be delivered to a vulnerable group in the population, new born babies, we have taken the decision NOT to dispatch orders at this time. We note that more and more online retailers are suspending their operations, if non-essential, to reduce pressure on front line delivery staff and we also support this approach. If you place an order today, we will dispatch it once things settle or once the lockdown has been lifted. We thank you for your co-operation at this time.

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About Us

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Childrens Gift Ideas, Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets & Gift Hampers

Childrens Gift Ideas (The Imagination Station) are passionate about childrens toys and gifts that inspire the art of play. Our core values compel us to actively seek out the best manufacturers, offer the most innovative new baby toys and give our customers the very highest level of service. These values have helped us remain at the forefront of the childrens gifts industry in the UK and worldwide, selling new baby gifts for boys and girls that are cherished far beyond their price tag.

Childrens Gift Ideas are now proud to introduce an exciting new concept in gifts for kids, a brand new range of children's gift boxes, gift baskets and gift hampers, that bring a fresh perspective to our product range! It is something of a tradition here at Childrens Gift Ideas to continually push the boundaries in the quality and service we offer to our customers. These new children's gift boxes, gift baskets & gift hampers will take our product range to the next level of "wow" factor.

We have a range of baby boy gift boxes, baskets and hampers and baby girl gift boxes, baskets and hampers, each one carefully packaged with items that compliment one another in themes such as Winnie the Pooh, The Gruffalo, Peter Rabbit, Miffy, Paddington Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and many more besides. Every child's gift  is beautifully wrapped and presented, making them the sort of extra special gifts that are an absolute joy to give as well as receive.

Imagine a first birthday gift for a baby boy that consists of a magical set of toys and gifts perfectly selected for the little 12-month old chap, presented in a gift box, gift basket or gift hamper that will have onlookers wowed before it is even opened. New Baby gifts for girls and 1st birthdays are covered too, with beautiful first birthday gift hampers that will be photographed for posterity and reluctantly opened to get at the bounty inside.

Like all of our children's gifts, each of the gifts hampers are comprised of soft toys, and other items specifically chosen by our experienced team for their inspirational and expressive qualities, as well as their safety and build quality. These are gifts that will bring a smile to the face of any child who receives them, with thoughtful presentation including a gift card and a big bow to create something truly spectacular. With the constant struggle to find that perfect new born baby gift or first birthday, Easter or Christmas gifts for children our gift boxes, baskets and hampers will prove invaluable to frustrated shoppers.

Our range of gift boxes, baskets & hampers for children will be expanded over time as we find exciting new products to supplement our current stock. We never rest on our laurels, we will continue the search for the best quality toys on the market to form part of our dazzling gift collection.   Should you have any ideas we would be pleased to hear from you, simply e-mail us with your ideas.

Children Educational Toys

Childrens Wooden Toys


The Imagination Station was started in the spring of 2005 by Ashley and Lisa. The vision of the project was simple; to create a resource for parents, nurseries, playgroups and schools to find the very highest quality toys available at prices that represent excellent value for money. It was precisely because no such resource existed that The Imagination Station quickly went from vision to reality.

Although there were already lots of other toy suppliers out there, far too much was compromised on quality, and toys were all too often sold on the back of the latest fad, with very little thought for how they could benefit children. As parents themselves, Ashley and Lisa felt that this was completely the wrong way to look at toys and set about doing something about it, showcasing their toys at toy parties, coffee mornings, schools, nurseries and playgroups.

Knowing that quality and value were paramount, Ashley and Lisa only sourced toys that conformed to the lofty standards they had put in place for The Imagination Station from the outset. This meant that traditional, sturdy toys became the mainstay of the business, and before long there was an established set of principles guiding The Imagination Station to continued success both nationally and internationally.

Children Educational Toys:

·         Toys will only be of the highest manufacturing quality

·         Toys will be sturdy and able to withstand being played with regularly

·         Toys will encourage imaginative play and learning

·         Toys will be fun!

Remember when you were a child?  Out after breakfast and back by tea?  No Playstations or Nintendos then.  Just your imagination. Childhood obesity was unheard of.  That’s when toys were toys, not games consoles or robotic gadgets requiring a share in Duracell each week.  We want to get back to the good old days.  Encourage our kids to use their imaginations once again. 


We’ve scoured the markets for traditional children educational toys and gifts.  Toys that we believe will inspire children to use their imaginations and encourage parents to participate in their imaginative play.

Our world is now full of electronic games and toys.  We want to offer parents and grandparents toys and gifts that encourage parental involvement and our toys are visually stimulating and fun to play with.  Many of our children's gifts are traditional wooden toys that can be passed down from generation to generation.

All our gifts have been thoroughly tested by our inhouse testers.  If they don’t meet the grade, they don’t get in! 


Education & Our Guiding Principles

Educational magnetic numbers


The imagination Station has gone from strength to strength on the back of these principles, which tie in perfectly with the government’s own standards on learning and development in children from birth to 5 years, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These principles outline what researchers have found to be the best way to encourage learning and development in children, particularly in those critical first 5 years.

Among the key factors set out by the EYFS guidelines is the importance of playtime in encouraging learning, communication, self-expression and forming relationships. This is why it is so important to choose toys that support these EYFS ideals. It is also the reason why The Imagination Station catalogue is filled with toys that exhibit quality, value and durability, creating a framework for learning and development, and all in the name of playtime fun!

We have sourced toys from manufacturers from around the world that meet our criteria of fun, imaginative childrens educational toys and gifts that offer real value for money.


Quality and Safety

We know you expect your childrens toys to be safe and of a high standard.  All our toys meet the various international standards, many of them exceed the minimum standards. 


We actively seek childrens wooden toys and gifts that are simple in design but combine clever use of materials to encourage the imagination and enhance the learning experience.

Social and Environment

Imagination Station recognises the importance of promoting great quality of life, balanced with concern for the environment. As a company we are committed to minimising our impact on nature.  We actively recycle and encourage this amongst our staff.

Meet The Toy Team

Woody The Wizard-The Toy Shop Owner


Woody The Wizard

Woody was born in the sleepy village of Goomtrobble just off junction 29 off the M25.  He is the son of the innovative toy maker Giftus The Great.  From an early age Giftus recognised a talent in young Woody for designing and making fantastical toys and games.  Learning from his father's genius he set out on a quest seeking the very best imaginative toys and gifts to fill his newly purchased toy shop.  Hence forth Imagination Station was born.

We look forward to seeing you in our toy shop.

Flo The Fairy

Flo and Woody met in the Forest of Goomtrobble and it was love at first sight.  Flo shared Woody's passion for creative and imaginative toys.  Behind every good Wizard there is an even better Fairy and this is true in the case of Flo and Woody.  Flo tames Woody's erratic and sometimes irrational thoughts and helps him channel them into constructive thoughts and processes.  Flo gets to do a lot of exciting stuff (so Woody tells her) like the accounts, the tax returns and the VAT returns.  What more could a Fairy ask?

Naggy Maggie

Everyone knows a Naggy Maggie.  Here in the Woody Toyshop we love our Naggy Maggie.  She does a wonderful job of...well...nagging really.  All packages must be neatly packaged, correctly addressed, ribbons tied nicely prior to posting.  If it doesn't meet Maggie's strict approval it doesn't get sent.  She's like an ancient form of quality control.  We love you really Naggy Maggie! 

Tearaway Terry - A Toy Shop Worker

Tearaway Terry

Our lovely adorable Tearaway Terry.  Bit of a loose cannon.  His job is to ensure the truck is loaded on time, with the gifts and toys neatly stacked and that there is no danger of damage to any package.  He gets his name from his unique driving skills which leaves even those amongst us with a strong constitution cowering in the corner of the Toy Shop refusing to travel with him.

Sorcerer Sally - A Toy Shop Worker

Sorcerer Sally

Ahh lovely Sorcerer Sally.  But you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her.  With one wave of her little magic stick she could have you grow ears and a tail like an Ass.  However on a good day she only uses her magic stick for good deeds.  Like sourcing new gifts for kids, making the sun shine, tidying the Woody Toy Shop or improving Tearaway Terry's driving skills.

Winnie the Webmaster

Webmasters could also be known as wizards couldn't they?  How they do half the stuff they do is beyond me.  It must be magic.

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