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A Quality Commitment – Combining Fun Play with Education


Toy makers are very keen to promote the educational credentials of their products, as more parents demand that their children’s gifts should help them to develop their skills and imaginations. Sadly, despite the hype, too many toys nowadays are still sold on the basis of film and TV tie-ins, or rely on computer chips rather than a child’s own instinctive curiosity.

At The Imagination Station, we believe in encouraging this curiosity. We believe in stimulating a child’s imagination and helping to create a play environment that does more than simply distract the child with beeps and flashing lights. A genuinely educational toy allows both parent and child alike to interact and communicate in imaginative play.

Of course, a child’s educational needs undergo massive changes in the first years of their life. Taking this into account, The Imagination Station offers toys which correspond to the government’s standards on learning and development in children from birth to five years – the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Very young children are excited by the world around them and are constantly reaching out to it. Help a toddler’s to take its first steps and develop its powers of colour, texture and pattern recognition with the delightful Blocks Pattern Baby Walker, which combines the best features of a traditional walking toy and building blocks.

To stimulate a small child’s learning and prepare them for school, there is nothing better than the traditional alphabet set – and the ABC Board Set is a beautiful example of this, featuring high-quality wooden letters with corresponding images beneath – bringing the alphabet to life.

Many of our toys for older kids are overtly educational, such as the Children’s Science Magic Kit, which teaches them the fascinating link between magic tricks and the basic scientific principles of gravity, physics and arithmetic. Budding engineers can develop their building skills with the Build Your Own Dinosaur Robot set, while the Cosmic Rocket set uses household ingredients and a little flair to help children of five years or older to lift-off their own craft – it really is rocket science! And there are many more such kits available, ready to help

Another great way for a child to learn as they have fun is through role play. This can be through dressing-up or by creating a fantasy world – with such quality toys as the Mediaeval Wooden Castle, which features towers, balconies, a trap door, arched walkway and a removable turret. Children can use it with their other dolls, or a full set of figures is available, by the same manufacturer, featuring a king, queen, nobleman, knights, horses and even a court jester!

With a little imagination, good quality toys can create a near-limitless world of educational fun for children of all ages. We believe in helping parents to make this possible.



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